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The Auto Dialer App and CRM solution your team needs for streamlined success.

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Seamless Integration

Connect effortlessly with Excel, FB, WhatsApp, and more. Streamline data flow for efficient telecalling operations.

Instant Autodialer Setup

Download our app and initiate calls swiftly with just a button click. Effortless autodialing for enhanced productivity.

Comprehensive Reporting

Access detailed reports on a unified dashboard. Monitor call durations and crucial metrics for informed decision-making.

Proof CRM

Calling Features That Boost Productivity

Supercharge your telecalling with Proof CRM's Auto Dialer App. Maximize efficiency, ensure follow-ups, monitor activities, and record voice notes seamlessly.

  • Auto Dialer: Faster, More Calls
  • Reminders: Never Miss a Follow-up
  • Tracking: Monitor Team Activities
  • Voice Note Recording: Capture Insights Effortlessly

Connect with Leads With all WhatsApp features and Automation

Revolutionize lead communication with Proof CRM's WhatsApp integration. Send personalized messages instantly, utilize 1-click messaging, engage with a chatbot 24x7, and leverage the official API with interactive buttons.

  • Personalized Instant Messaging
  • 1-Click WhatsApp Messages
  • 24x7 Lead Engagement with Chatbot
  • Official API for Interactive Messages
Proof CRM
Proof CRM

Get Leads from Everywhere

Proof CRM integrates seamlessly with Facebook, WhatsApp, Websites, Zoho, IndiaMart, and more, ensuring you capture leads from every source effortlessly.

  • Real-time Capture of Your Company's Website Leads
  • Engage with Facebook Leads Instantly
  • Capture Leads from WhatsApp Messages
  • Integration with IndiaMart, Justdial, Quikr, and 7 other portals

Analyze Your Team's Performance

Empower your decision-making with Proof CRM's robust analytics. Master CDR reporting, track calls, outcomes, and summaries. Elevate your team's efficiency.

Analyze all calls, export CSV or Excel Reports

View calls, outcomes, and summaries. Measure and improve agent performance.

Gain instant insights into your team's activities.

Personalized incentives tied to performance metrics and analytics insights.

Proof CRM Proof CRM

Automate Repetitive Tasks to Save Time

Empower your decision-making with Proof CRM's robust analytics. Master CDR reporting, track calls, outcomes, and summaries. Elevate your team's efficiency.

Proof CRM

Timely Scheduling

Send updates and wishes to leads on schedule.

Proof CRM

Lead Assignment

Distribute leads to team members effortlessly with automation.

Proof CRM

Welcome Message

Greet leads with personalized automated messages.

Proof CRM

Drip Marketing

Automate WhatsApp newsletters for consistent lead engagement.

Proof CRM Proof CRM
Why Proof CRM

Why Proof CRM is the Best Telecalling CRM and Auto Dialer for Your Business

Elevate your business with Proof CRM, the best Telecalling CRM and Auto Dialer. Tailor-made solutions for unprecedented efficiency and success.

Proof CRM

Tailor workflows to your business needs effortlessly with Proof CRM.

Proof CRM
Mobile Application

Comprehensive mobile app with essential features for seamless on-the-go operations.

Proof CRM
Customer Support

Dedicated onboarding sessions and a WhatsApp group for quick issue resolution.

Proof CRM
Intuitive Interface

User-friendly design for non-tech-savvy agents, making operations simpler than ever.

Proof CRM

Unlock extensive features at an unmatched price for your business growth.

Proof CRM
WhatsApp-first CRM

Manage all WhatsApp interactions centrally, connecting with leads and customers 24/7.

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Proof CRM

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

No, Proof CRM is incredibly user-friendly and requires no technical expertise. Anyone familiar with WhatsApp can effortlessly navigate and utilize Proof CRM.
Proof CRM allows seamless customization, ensuring workflows align with your business requirements, and offering adaptability without compromising efficiency.
Yes, Proof CRM is a WhatsApp-first CRM, managing all interactions centrally to connect with leads and customers 24/7.
Proof CRM provides dedicated onboarding sessions, Zoom meetings, and a WhatsApp group for quick issue resolution, ensuring excellent customer support.
Yes, Proof CRM provides a comprehensive mobile application, enabling you to manage essential features seamlessly while on the move.
Proof CRM employs API automation to seamlessly capture incoming leads from various platforms including Facebook, Website, Tawk, Justdial, Sulekha, IndiaMart, Housing, and more.
Absolutely, Proof CRM is designed to cater to businesses of all sizes, providing scalable solutions to meet the unique needs and requirements of each enterprise.